Riqueza Capital Group invests seed capital and time in worthy scalable startups. Our team with decades of industry experience empowers founders with our strengths in marketing, strategy, and access to global networks. Also help startups with next round growth, further fundraising and new market expansion. Riqueza’s team is well placed to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Currently we have 2 investments in India. Few more investments are in pipeline. Our business model is to nurture early stage companies to gain the right size and market presence and then place them to bigger fund houses in due course.

Our Portfolio

Golden Aroma Hospitality Private Limited (http://stuffed.co.in)

Stuffed is a fast growing quick service chain of restaurants in Mumbai. With 5 outlets in some of the marquee locations in Mumbai, they have perfected the art of QSR space in India.
Rated as the Best Shawarma place in Mumbai, they specialize in healthy choices including but not limited to Shawarmas, Pastas, Stuffed Style Rice, Salads, and Sandwiches that stuff your stomach to your hearts content.
To target a bigger geography, they are also expanding into the packaged Ready-To-Eat food market. This technology led innovation is going to revolutionize the entire quick food market and the logistics behind

Coin Mobile Technologies Pvt Ltd (https://coinn.in)

COINN is a Mumbai based startup founded by IITB and IITM alumni revolutionizing the offline transaction experience in India. Using unprecedented micro- location tagging, company has built a search-free cashless payment platform for offline transactions. COINN aims to eliminate the need for the user to carry cash all the time. Forget Cash, Pay by COINN!

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